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Nelson Kunkel, Deloitte Digital’s National Creative Director on evangelizing the value of design

April 27, 2016

Giants, here on Episode 24 we peek into the incredible mind of a professional creative problem solver, who also happens to be the Executive Design Director and National Creative Director for Deloitte Digital.

For the last two decades he has consulted with Fortune 50 companies, built agencies, created brands and shares with us his knowledge collected from a diverse range of experiences, including:

  • His top tips for getting your foot in the door at a design company
  • The power of sweating the details with your online and offline communication
  • His thoughts on why being ‘interested’ comes before being ‘interesting’
  • How your personality can truly contribute to an organization
  • His advice on starting any business
  • And his insights on augmented reality. 

He describes himself as “spending an obsessive amount of his life daydreaming about how to improve the world around him” … the humble and wise, Nelson Kunkel! 

More on Nelson can be found via the links below:


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