Giant Thinkers Podcast

Andrew Hoyne on the definition of value, having the ‘money’ conversation and the importance of being future-focused

September 21, 2015
In this session, the guest joining us is the Creative Director and Principal of a very established design agency. He started this agency in 1991 – so, almost a quarter of a century ago. During his journey he’s achieved over 300 international and regional awards. He’s published 14 books, lectured extensively and served on numerous boards. His design work is even exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

The topics we talk about include:

• The true meaning of design thinking

• The importance of being more dynamic, more progressive and future focused

• Why a healthy level of being naive is a strength

• The benefits of being wrong

• Understanding the definition of value and it’s relation to compensation and outcome

• How to think about money as a designer, in the context of 3 categories

• Tips on approaching financial conversations with prospective clients

• And the biggest tip to reaching success.

There are so many things to take away from this episode, so strap yourself in. 

I even encourage you to take notes. Get ready, I’m beaming with excitement to present, the forward thinking and incredibly wise, Andrew Hoyne of Hoyne – Design, Branding and Communications.

More on Andrew Hoyne and his agency can be found at:

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