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CEO of Publicis Worldwide (AUS & NZ) Andrew ‘Billy’ Baxter on leading an organisation with 450+ people and 60+ major clients

September 14, 2017

Welcome to episode #48! Our guest is the Chairman of Publicis Communications Australia and New Zealand, one of the largest communication agency groups in the region. He is also CEO of Publicis Worldwide Australia and NZ, with businesses specialising in advertising, digital, PR, CRM, activation, mobile, brand strategy and design. He leads over 450 people in an organisation that has over 60 major clients.

Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • How he interacts with employees to unlock the best out of them
  • Advice on how to operate under pressure
  • His view on being a leader and how he leads such a massive amount of people
  • And why everything ties back to having a clear vision.

If you’re someone that aims to move into leadership in some capacity, this is for you. I’m certain that you’ll learn a ton -- from a person of this calibre.

I present to you … the highly respected, mover and shaker ... Andrew Baxter aka Billy!


More on Andrew 'Billy' Baxter can be found via the links below:

Billy's website

Linkedin profile

Twitter: @AndrewBaxter3

Instagram: @AndrewBaxter3

Publicis Australia website

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