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Daniel Flynn, Co-founder and MD of ‘Thankyou’ on donating 100% of profits to end global poverty; giving over $3.7 million to date

March 7, 2016

We are pumping out episode number #21 with a guest who is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou. They make water, food and body care products, then give 100% of the profits to help end global poverty.

Their recent video was brought to my attention only a few days ago and I had to get this gentlemen on the show. I was so moved by their cause and impressed by their actions to bring their vision into reality.

As of January 2016:

  • They’ve given over $3.7 million dollars to people in need
  • helped get safe water to over 192,000 people
  • helped feed almost 90,000 people
  • helped the hygiene and sanitation of over 300,000 people.

I’m certain you’ll be inspired by this interview.

The man behind the incredible business and social enterprise success story, someone that has been a recipient of the Junior Chamber International 10 Young Outstanding People of The World Award, is none other than, Daniel Flynn!

More on Daniel can be found via the links below:

Chapter One Book:
Thankyou Website:
Instagram: @danielflynn88
Twitter: @danielmflynn

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