Giant Thinkers Podcast

David “MEGGS” Hooke on consistently creating, never arriving at a destination and constantly discovering

October 22, 2015
On this episode we have an Aussie fine artist / street artist who is based in Venice Beach, California. His art is featured internationally in cities including Melbourne, Sydney, London, San Fran, Paris, Tokyo, Hawaii, Mexico, L.A, and Hong Kong. This guy has some serious skills and talent. He’s most commonly recognised for his unique, expressive, and energetic style with references to pop-culture, the natural world, and socio-cultural issues. His technical use of colour and movement combines clean, bold, illustrative elements with textural, and free flowing design. 

It is a very laid back conversation so get comfy.

The topics we talk about include:

• The power of consistently working and creating

• Combining learned skill-sets

• Embracing your uniqueness

• Being resourceful

• Constantly exploring and experimenting with new techniques and ideas

• Surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded people

• And his response to being asked to paint a 6,000 square foot outdoor mural in Detroit, USA.

Wonderful listeners, I present to you, David Hooke also known as “MEGGS”.

More on David "MEGGS" Hooke can be found at:

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