Giant Thinkers Podcast

Monika Zands on building your legacy, how to best serve others and ninja love bombs

January 12, 2016

Welcome to episode 15! The guest for this incredible session is an executive business consultant and life strategist who thrives on helping highly successful entrepreneurs tap into their greatness and build massive empires. She has a unique ability to help others discover what their gift is, show them how to use it to do good in the world, and empower them to take giant leaps toward their dreams.

 During this whirlwind episode, we cover topics including:

  • Her career from working at Pixar to editing videos for clients including the President of the US
  • Cultivating your gifts and using them to serve others
  • Having a clear, primary intention and strategic position as a designer
  • And discovering our own unique reasons for being on the planet.

I present to you, the very wise and captivating, Monika Zands.

More on Monika can be found via the links below:
Podcast: Wake Up! With Monika Zands
Periscope: @MonikaZands
Instagram: @MonikaZands
Twitter: @MonikaZands

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