Giant Thinkers Podcast

Prince Ea on reaching over 1 billion video views and 10 million subscribers by spreading positive social change

December 19, 2017

Hello dear Giants, this is episode #55. Our guest today is widely known for creating motivational and inspirational spoken word films and thought provoking content. His YouTube and Facebook videos have received over a billion views each on both platforms. And he covers a range of topics such as environmentalism, socio-economics, work–life balance and spirituality.


He leverages life experience, self-teachings and his honors degree in anthropology. Oprah Winfrey’s TV show ‘Super Soul Sunday’ has featured our guest as well as a long list of media outlets, from Huffington Post, FOX, Wired, MTV, CBS News and Buzzfeed.


Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • His creative process from ideation to execution
  • Where his own personal inspiration comes from
  • How he measures the impact of his videos
  • And advice for those that want to make videos but don’t have the budget to produce high end quality.


If you’re someone who is interested in the fusion of education and entertainment in the form of spoken word poetry, then this is for you.

I present to you … the mindful and innovative ... Prince Ea!



More on Prince can be found via the links below:

Prince’s personal website

Prince’s YouTube channel

Prince’s Facebook page

Prince’s Twitter: @PrinceEa

Prince’s Instagram: @Prince_Ea



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