Giant Thinkers Podcast

Robyn Wakefield, Australia’s female Yoda and veteran of the design industry for 30+ years, on staying relevant

May 29, 2016

Welcome, to episode #26! If you’ve ever wanted to hear from a woman who was born in the 60s and started her design career in the 80s, has travelled the globe working with clients including Coca-Cola Amatil for 10 years building their brand across several continents, as well as working with some of Australia’s most successful corporate businesses such as QANTAS; then you’re in for an absolute treat. 

To this day she has worn all the hats you can imagine in the design space, from junior to mid to senior designer levels, all the way to Art Director, Executive Managing Director and now she is the business owner of an agency that’s been running for 16 years.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What the design industry was like three decades ago
  • How she’s adapted herself to stay relevant from the analog era to the digital age
  • But, why analog and manual processes are still so important today
  • Ways to up-skill yourself and be of more value to your clients
  • And why it’s crucial to engage with juniors in the industry.

I present to you, the tenacious, intelligent and wonderful Robyn Wakefield! 

More on Robyn can be found via the links below:

Snapchat: @robynwakefield

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