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Jarrod Robinson on creating 60+ apps, the best tool to plan and the biggest mistake people make when creating any product

September 6, 2015
Hey guys, this is episode number 6 on the giant thinkers podcast, Ram Castillo here – unleashing a very unique guest for you all.

He’s a physical education teacher that has leveraged emerging technologies to shape new age teaching. He’s created over 100 online products and services… over 60 of those are mobile apps and he’s won numerous awards world-wide for them. He’s even presented internationally, running workshops in over 30 countries for the last 6 years.

He blogs regularly about his experiences on generating an income online and even has a podcast of his own.

The topics we talk about include:

• What it’s like growing up in country Victoria, Australia

• Having an entrepreneurial mindset

• The birth of the ‘PE Geek’ blog and brand… and the journey that followed afterwards to monetization

• How he found a niche within a niche

• His biggest tip on taking an app idea in your head to making it available in the market

• The biggest mistake when creating a product

• The best tool to plan and prototype

• How he’s creating deep relationships with his audience, and so much more.

I am over the moon to present to you a gentlemen who truly walks the walk and follows through. The hard working and successful, Jarrod Robinson also known as the ‘PE Geek’ and founder of


Enjoy the mountains of useful content on Jarrod’s websites: and

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