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Charbel Zeaiter, Co-founder at Academy Xi on UX design processes, VR, AR and the future of design

June 27, 2017

This is episode #46! Our guest is the Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Academy Xi. They teach groups and individuals in the areas of design and tech – but with a unique positioning and offering. Academy Xi specialise in teaching newly emerging disciplines such as virtual reality design, augmented reality design, service design and of course UX design as well.

As you can imagine, this gets me going because they aim to address the upcoming skills gap in technology and give students the practical skills to pursue new career paths. Actually, some exciting news that’s come out very recently is that Academy Xi secured $2.25 million dollars in a series A round funding, and they’ve only been around for a little over a year. Very impressive growth.

Now back to our guest, he started his design career in 1998. He’s helped iconic brands, eager startups and a broad range of organisations improve their ability to create long lasting relationships with their customers, by combining his belief in human centred design, research and collaboration.


Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • The danger of assumption
  • Advice to anyone creating a product, service or a brand
  • Designing value systems
  • The process of elimination when solving complex problems
  • His Slideshare presentation titled ‘The Future of everything’ which has been viewed almost 400,000 times
  • And naturally, we spoke about where he feels design is heading.

I present to you … the bright, passionate and down to earth ... Charbel Zeaiter!


More on Charbel Zeaiter can be found via the links below:

Linkedin profile

Facebook profile

Twitter: @charbelxcharbel

Instagram: @Charbelxcharbel

Velvet Onion website

Academy Xi

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