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Blair Enns, Founder of Win Without Pitching on pricing creativity and how to best position our value

May 18, 2018

Welcome to episode #59! Today we have the founder and CEO of Win Without Pitching, the sales training and coaching organization for creative professionals. He is also the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and the brand new book titled Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour. This man has taught me and many thousands of creative people and businesses around the world, on how to build a lucrative client base without having to pitch ideas for free.


Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • How to best position our value in order to win business
  • How to command the high ground in the client vs creative relationship
  • His approach to proposals
  • His view on retainer clients
  • Rules on pricing creativity and so much more.


If you’re someone who is interested in moving from a vendor position to an expert practitioner position, then this is absolutely for you.

I present to you … the sharp and charismatic ... Blair Enns!



More on Blair can be found via the links below:

Twitter: @BlairEnns

LinkedIn Profile

Pricing Creativity Book

Win Without Pitching Website

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