Giant Thinkers Podcast

Dale Partridge, serial entrepreneur on evaluating our purpose, seeking our truth and creating businesses you believe in

November 10, 2018

Giants, welcome to episode #63! Today’s guest has launched over half a dozen multi-million dollar companies. From a rock-climbing gym to a conference company to a branding agency and a highly successful e-commerce business. In the last few years, he’s shifted his mission from starting companies to teaching others how to start theirs. To help people create the business and family they love. Empowering people to chase their dreams and fulfil their purpose.


He’s been featured in publications including the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC, INC Magazine, Mashable and Forbes. Now more than ever, he’s widely known as an online thought leader on faith, family, and marriage.


Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • His journey in creating these multi-million dollar companies such as Sevenly and StartUp Camp
  • The ups and downs of running a business
  • The importance of looking in the mirror when things go bad and looking out the window when things go good
  • Lessons on leadership
  • Constantly evaluating our purpose
  • And seeking our own truth.


This episode has a mixed bag of goodies, so if you’re interested in the intersections of capitalist philanthropy, entrepreneurship and purpose – then this is for you.

I present to you … the highly passionate, inspiring, action-taking juggernaut … Dale Partridge!



More on Dale can be found via the links below:

Dale's Facebook page

Twitter: @dalepartridge

Instagram: @dalepartridge

Dale's Youtube Channel

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