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Dr. Carmel Harrington, sleep specialist for over 20 years on how to achieve better sleep

June 7, 2017

Welcome to episode #45! Our guest is a former lawyer and educator who has a PHD in Sleep Medicine from Sydney University and consults with companies and educational institutions all over the world on sleep health. She’s an internationally recognised Doctor that has been working in the world of sleep for nearly 20 years.

She’s the Managing Director of Sleep for Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Children's Hospital Westmead. She’s also a founding member of the Sleep Health Foundation and a member of the Australasian Sleep Association. On top of that, she’s written two books ‘The Sleep Diet’ and ‘The Complete Guide To A Good Night's Sleep’.


Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • The stages of a complete sleep cycle and how each affect our mind and bodies
  • How much sleep we actually need and why
  • The differences of sleep requirements for males versus females
  • How to naturally achieve better sleep
  • How to create a sleep plan
  • Her thoughts around power naps
  • What it means for those who snore, sleep talk, sleep walk or jolt suddenly, and plenty more.

I present to you … the warm, generous and intelligent ...  Dr. Carmel Harrington!


More on Dr. Carmel Harrington can be found via the links below:

Dr. Carmel’s website:

Dr. Carmel’s LinedIn: click here

Blog post by Dr. Carmel: Are you getting enough sleep? 

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