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James Victore on fecking perfuction, living bravely and creating boldly

December 10, 2019

Hello Giants, Ram here. This is episode #75! I’m so excited to introduce to you a creative thought leader who I’ve not only admired for the past decade, but is someone I’ve learned a lot from in the space of living bravely and creating boldly. He is a Designer, Author and Teacher, his philosophy is to “begin before your ready”. It’s helped him work for global brands like Adobe, MailChimp, Time, Moet & Chandon and The City of New York. To him, braveness is the key to creativity – and we unpack a lot of that in the interview.


His work has been exhibited twice at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in permanent museum collections worldwide including the Louvre in Paris. Awards to his name include an Emmy, a gold and silver medal from the Art Directors Club, and a Grand Prix from the Brno Biennale.

It’s now his mission to teach people like you and I how to illuminate our individual gifts in order to find clarity and purpose.

Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • What to do when you’re in a creative slump
  • Ways to address any fears that hold you back
  • How to be your unapologetic self
  • And the need for more people to push and challenge.

So if you’re in a creative block, or looking to amplify what you’ve created, then this is for you – as we uncover what it takes to live a creative and fulfilling life.

I present to you … the wildly creative, thought-provoking and experimental… James Victore!



More on James Victore can be found via the links below:

Twitter: @JamesVictore

Instagram: @JamesVictore

Feck Perfuction

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