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Kevin Lee, Global Vice President and Head of Design at VISA on designing experiences

November 5, 2015
What better way to enter the double digits, episode #10, than to bring on the Global Vice President and Head of Design at Visa. He was previously the Global Director, Head of Product Strategy & UX Design at Samsung, Head of Design at Paypal, Senior Manager of UX Design at eBay, and has even had long stints at Whirlpool and GE. 

On this episode you will walk away with your mind blown. Seriously.

The topics we talk about all revolve around user experience in so much depth, I usually dot point key learning outcomes, but I felt for this particular episode, dot points wouldn’t do it justice. You just have to listen to this man’s story and insights. The way he thinks is on another level and I truly I believe that anyone that listens to this will benefit from it.

I present to you, the man behind the epic resume, Kevin Lee.

More on Kevin Lee can be found at:


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