Giant Thinkers Podcast

Nathan Johnson on launching a design studio and an online shop, with products in 200+ stores worldwide

October 5, 2015
In this episode we have a Sydney-based Art Director and Designer with over 15 years experience. He owns his own design studio and has worked with leading international brands including Coca Cola, Nespresso, Quicksilver, Hurley, Globe, Le Coq Sportive and Universal Music. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He also runs an online store with his wife that produces a range of art prints, stationery and paper goods. These products feature his distinctive hand lettering and design style and there are currently over 200 stores worldwide that stock their products.

The topics we talk about include:

• Starting out in the magazine industry

• The importance of who you know

• Consuming your environment to influence and inspire your creativity

• Taking a side step in order to take a forward step

• Tackling business challenges

• Surrounding yourself with experts

• Listening to the market and

• The power of an honest product

I present to you, Nathan Johnson, Creative Director of Blacklist studio and Founder of the Blacklist store (and a sneaky side note: be sure to stick around till the end of the show as there’s a little gift for you guys from Nathan himself).

More on Nathan Johnson and blacklist can be found at:

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