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Nike+ Design Director, Ben Fullerton on interaction design, channelling your creative voice and bringing it to life

April 10, 2016

Today we are diving into episode number 23, where I chat with the Design Director for Nike+, who has worked across the realms of digital products, physical products, services and brands. He is best known for his interaction design work, and his CV includes the likes of Samsung, Twitter and IDEO.

His work has been recognised by:

  • BAFTA (the British Academy of Film & Television Arts
  • the Spark Awards
  • the Webbys
  • the Pixel Awards
  • and the Interaction Design Association’s Awards.

Has been published by:

  • Fast Company
  • Core77.

And presented workshops at international conferences:

  • including South by Southwest!

Whether you’re an emerging or established designer, you’ll get solid insights and practical advice here.

He shares his experiences with:

  • small and large companies
  • project challenges
  • on-the-job realities
  • health-tech wearables
  • and navigating your way through curiosity.


I now present to you, one of the great minds behind arguably the world’s most iconic sporting brand... Ben Fullerton!


More on Ben can be found via the links below:


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