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Oscar Trimboli, specialist coach in deep listening on how to listen beyond the words

August 25, 2017

This is episode #47! Our guest is a specialist coach in deep listening. He's helped many individuals, to massive corporations; from Google to Microsoft to Universal.

The most powerful thing I personally got out of this interview was learning how to uncover meaning in dialogue from what’s said versus what’s unsaid.


Some of the topics we covered include:

  • How to listen deeply using the 5 levels of listening
  • The ideal ‘speaking versus listening’ ratio
  • Shadow listening styles to be aware of
  • And practical techniques to productively move the dialogue forward


This is a must listen for anyone that wants to truly improve the way they communicate, not just professionally (with your colleagues and clients) but personally (with your family, friends and loved ones).

I present to you … the calm, kind and wise ... Oscar Trimboli!


More on Oscar can be found via the links below:

Oscar's website

Linkedin profile

Twitter: @oscartrimboli

Instagram: @oscartrimboli

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