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Q&A on getting ahead, managing a team, overcoming anxiety, being resourceful and getting new design clients

February 19, 2020

Giants welcome to episode #77 — a special, second solo Q&A episode with yours truly to kick start 2020. Questions submitted by you the listeners. I’ve curated the top 7 based on the most similar questions asked, and also the ones I felt would be the most widely useful or applicable.


To help you skip to the answer most relevant to you, as I know many of you are time poor, I’ll list all the questions out below.


The seven questions I’ve answered in order are:

Q1. Brittany:
Do you truly believe in the industry of graphic design that it’s all about who you know not what you know?

Q2. Carlos:
How do you manage different personalities in a design team successfully, the good and the bad?

Q3. Jessica:
How to overcome anxiety in a creative process when you start to develop your business or when you talk to clients, and to be confident in whatever you are doing?

Q4. Joy Phala:
Social media marketing related … I use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market my services ... and I’ll usually post pictures of completed projects. Now, that remains a very small pool of content to pull from. When I don’t have completed projects, what else would you like to see, as a potential customer or as a potential employer … What else would you like to see on my pages that would increase likability and build trust and eventually lead to a sale?

Q5. Keturah:
What are the best tips, tricks and advice you have for getting new clients within the design industry?

Q6. Richard:
What do you do as a designer when you have a set of goals, but to reach them you need some amount of resources and you don’t have those resources. What do you do in the meantime? What do you do to attain those goals?

Q7. Simona:
In your line of work, you’re constantly pushing the boundaries on design and on business, and I’m sure there are things that you’re not always 100% confident in – so could you talk us through your thought process on how to overcome those fears and how to get past them?


So they are the 7 questions I’ve attempted to answer. By all means take it with a grain of salt. It’s my two cents and subjective at the end of the day. But I do hope it’s helpful and if you’d like me to do more of these, let me know on Instagram via a DM to my handle: TheGiantThinker


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