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Taj Pabari on being a 16 year old Founder and CEO of tech empire Fiftysix Creations

June 13, 2016

Giants, welcome to Episode #27, where we chat to the 16 year old Founder and CEO of tech empire Fiftysix Creations; also known as the Lego of the 21st Century. 

Coined by some as “the next Steve Jobs”, he was exposed to his first school laptop in Grade 4, and started his first blog and entrepreneurial journey at the age of 11. He’s currently still a full-time high school student who runs his business by waking up at 4am every morning to connect with his team throughout Australia, the US and London.

Some of the things we spoke about include:

  • How he balances his double life as a CEO and Grade 12 student
  • Why it’s important to educate third-world countries about technology
  • How to up-skill with life fundamentals that aren’t taught in school
  • And insights on the jobs of the future

I present, the teenage entrepreneurial whiz shaking up the tech industry, Taj Pabari! 

More on Taj can be found via the links below:

Fiftysix Creations:
Taj’s LinkedIn:

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